The transformations in business environments, professional demands and marketing requirements by organizations with high E&S responsibility demand greater agility and innovative strategies to achieve distinguished results.

We offer a complete set of services to face the biggest challenges that the companies need to deal with in any sector or global market: sustaining and financing growth, managing talent, protecting value and optimizing processes and operations through cutting-edge technological solutions.

With sound experience in IT, digital data strategy, project management and extensive knowledge of market and customers, our consultants assist in the development of new approaches and models that support more assertive corporate decision-making process, foster innovation, enable better performance and a sustainable competitive advantage in your market.

Our Business Consulting services

ESG Grant Thornton

At Grant Thornton, all of our service lines play an important role in the Sustainability agenda. Discover our integrated solutions!

Technology solutions

Structuring customized IT solutions for all types of companies and segments

Human capital

Strategic management and customized solutions to build an inclusive culture and a healthy organizational climate

Crisis Management

Timely and integrated actions associated with the ability to map and monitor latent business risks


Exclusive partnership program for startups to collaborate and strengthen their strategies, skills, actions and governance

Sustainability Services

Grant Thornton is able to contribute effectively to integrate ESG and economic-financial aspects in a structured way