The tax burden and international accords between jurisdictions directly impact success in international business.

Understanding the tax environment of each country and the complexity of specific negotiations contribute to substantiate strategies that allow more assertive decisions to be made, for the purpose of complying with existing regulations and keep a competitive edge in the industry.

Through a global network, our tax experts have deep knowledge of international legislation and integration to the Brazilian local environment, and the ability to develop advanced planning, anticipating scenario changes that cause impact to the business.

Our solutions: 

  • Study of forms of capital repatriation;
  • Analysis of tax scenarios for the operation in Brazil;
  • Direct investments made in Brazil by non-residents;
  • Direct investments made abroad by Brazilian residents;
  • Local and international acquisitions and / or disposals of investments or businesses;
  • Study of foreign capital gain in Brazil;
  • Remittances and foreign currency inflows (dividends, capital gains, capital reductions, etc.);
  • Assistance in fulfilling accessory obligations of other countries, such as: FIN48 analysis, elaboration of Tax Package and country-by-country declaration (Country-by-Country Report);
  • Assistance in understanding the rules contained in international treaties;
  • Registration of competent foreign capital with the Central Bank;
  • Corporate restructuring.

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