With more than 50 taxes on three levels (federal, state and municipal), Brazil has highly complex tax issues, which makes the tax planning essential for any business.

Tax planning of a multinational company must take into consideration various aspects such as: the most appropriate corporate structure; how to remunerate investors; investing; rights over intellectual property and intangible assets; among many other aspects that makes possible its entry in the country.

Why Grant Thornton?

Through a global network, we provide the expertise of tax law (Brazilian and International), aiming to: avoid double taxation; plan the best tax scenarios; assist how to invest and how to be remunerated by this investment. We align theory and practice in order to serve our customers to identify opportunities in a global perspective.

Our professionals are committed to your company to have a better understanding of tax matters in international operations and, as a result, support for the decision to invest in Brazil and / or abroad.