Assistance in accounting definitions

Our teams of specialized professionals with international certification can help in the quality, comparability and transparency of the financial information of your company.

Our activities:

  • Assistance on complex accounting themes
  • Assistance in the preparation of the company for an external audit process
  • Support in accounting reconciliation using accelerating technology
  • Assistance in understanding the impacts of new accounting standards and support in the implementation thereof
  • Accounting assistance in mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions
  • Preparation and conversion of financial statements for IFRS and USGAAP
  • Accounting assistance in the parameterization, structuring of the account plan and cost center in the process of implementation of the ERP system
  • Preparation of managerial and other reports
  • Assistance in enhancement and gain in speed in the accounting closing process (targeting resource savings)
  • Continued assistance for the purpose of ensuring efficient and complete accounting closing, with correct calculation and payment of taxes, social charges and the respective accessory obligations and monitoring of management controls and performance indicators

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Octavio Zampirollo
Audit Leader
Octavio Zampirollo
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Octavio Zampirollo
Audit Leader
Octavio Zampirollo