Global business pulse Global business pulse
There is cheer among mid-sized companies globally as they look towards 2021. But, this cheer is carefully measured. Grant Thornton’s latest Global business
Brexit deal provides clarity on cross-border social security
A Brexit deal was announced by the European Union and the UK government on 24 December 2020, this deal provides guidance on what it means for UK/EU Social
TAX Biden win changes tax policy and planning outlook
The United States national election is over, and while we await ratification of the results and inauguration of the new President, focus must now turn to the
PEOPLE AND SKILLS Put your people first
Employees are the fuel of any organisation, they need to function at their best to enhance future performance.
COMPETITIVE MARKET DYNAMICS Preparing for a new competitive landscape
Knowing where, when and how to overtake your competitors requires planning and a thorough understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.
ACCESS TO FINANCE Raise finance to invest in change
Finance is the engine oil of any business and preparing your business to raise capital could be critical to keeping you on the road to recovery.
TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITAL Technology can accelerate a more resilient future for businesses
Technology moved from a growth enabler to a business continuity factor in lockdown. As businesses readjust for the future, it needs to do both.
OVERVIEW Pause for a pit stop
In times of extreme economic challenge, don’t just power through the crisis, pause for a pit stop to retune your business for the twists and turns on the road
2020 Unlock Brazil
Expanding into new international markets is a challenging process and having full knowledge of the chosen market is essential. In Unlock Brazil 2020, Grant