Interim consolidated financial statements 2020

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Comply with all regulatory requirements does not mean only legal obligations, but also strategic factors that create transparency, integrity and credibility, adding value to the business.

Grant Thornton offers independent audit solutions in compliance with applicable accounting regulations, methodology and international tools comprehending internal controls and operational characteristics of each business for your company to be aligned with the best corporate governance practices.


Globally, we work on a collaborative manner, paying attention to market changes propelled by disruptive technology, with capacity for analysis and interpretation of data for raising the level of quality and efficiency in reports and internal controls.

We have an international team specialized in IFRS and US GAAP focused on several business segments.

In Brazil, we audit financial statements, support in accounting themes and in the stock market, review of sustainability reports and corporate governance diagnosis, accounting, labor and tax compliance.

All of that so your company will have:

  • An unbiased view on its equity and financial position;
  • Adjustment to accounting practices;
  • Analysis of tax, labor and social security information;
  • Risk minimization for the manager, for Top Management, and, ultimately, for the shareholder;
  • More ease in strategic operations (mergers, acquisitions, partnerships or IPOs/other capital raising).


“Independent audit levers the benefits to companies and to users of financial statements, supporting the strengthening of management, governance and communication processes, helping in the planning and implementation of actions with more efficiency”.

Octavio Zampirollo, Audit Leader in Brazil.


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