Comply with all regulatory requirements does not mean only legal obligations, but also strategic factors that create transparency, integrity and credibility, adding value to the business.

Grant Thornton offers independent audit solutions in compliance with applicable accounting regulations, methodology and international tools comprehending internal controls and operational characteristics of each business for your company to be aligned with the best corporate governance practices, including socio-environmental compliance mechanisms.

Our services play an important role in the  agenda. Ethical conduct, transparency, accuracy of information and analysis of risks, including socio-environmental impacts and governance linked to these, are fundamental elements to enable an integrated and impactful vision in the generation of consistent and long-term economic and financial results, which are consolidated in publications of specific balance sheets and organizational reports.

Audit of the future

Globally, we work on a collaborative manner, paying attention to market changes propelled by disruptive technology, with capacity for analysis and interpretation of data for raising the level of quality and efficiency in reports and internal controls.

We have an international team specialized in IFRS and US GAAP focused on several business segments.

In Brazil, we audit financial statements, support in accounting themes and in the stock market, review of sustainability reports and corporate governance diagnosis, accounting, labor and tax compliance.

All of that so your company will have:

  • An unbiased view on its equity and financial position;
  • Adjustment to accounting practices;
  • Analysis of tax, labor and social security information;
  • Risk minimization for the manager, for Top Management, and, ultimately, for the shareholder;
  • More ease in strategic operations (mergers, acquisitions, partnerships or IPOs/other capital raising);
  • Auditing public or legal commitments on  reports, Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories;
  • Materiality approach based on business risks, including economic-financial, socio-environmental and governance variables;
  • Preparation of accountability reports (GRI, IIRC, public commitments, among others);
  • Socio-environmental compliance and governance;
  • Preparation for listing on sustainability indicators on stock exchanges, as part of the mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Our Audit services

Audit and review of financial statements

Credibility of your company's accounting activities in accordance with the legislation in force

Assistance in accounting definitions

Quality, comparability and transparency of financial information in your company

Capital Markets

Complete analysis and preparation for strategic fundraising operations

Accounting, Labor and Tax Compliance

Permanent diagnostics and advice to raise the level of controls and mitigate risks

Whole Ledger Analytics

We developed a solution to promote independent audits in a different way. Whole Ledger Analytics (WLA) is a tool with a series of individual analytical routines that can be applied to any broader data set, assisting teams in conducting risk assessments, performing substantive procedures and identifying opportunities to generate added value. WLA routines include analyzes of transactional scoring, combination of accounting accounts, digital aspects and texts and letters.

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