The progress in the creation and restructuring of business models have posed great global challenges to promoting more efficient tax systems. Adapting to change and identifying possible risks and opportunities in timely manner, through effective management, brings more confidence to the market, safety and agility to companies.

Through advanced planning, our team of tax experts can help manage the direct taxes of your company and support it with agile strategies aiming at adhering to national and international tax legislation impacting your business.

We have qualified experts to create, with more efficacy and agility, strategies your organization needs to quickly comply with legislation and, moreover, we can help in studying the viability and implementation of several regional and industry-based tax incentives that are decisive from a tax and financial standpoint.

Our solutions:

• Review of corporate income tax (IRPJ/CSLL);

• Review, amendment and cross-checking of ancillary obligations (ECF and ECD);

• Research and development – R&D tax benefits – “Lei do Bem” (Law 11.196/05), “Lei da Informática” (Law 8.248/91) and “Rota 2030” - diagnosis, project selection, technical evaluation, training of employee qualification, survey and adherence of necessary tax documents and reporting to government agencies;

• Studies to identify opportunities to reduce the tax burden;

• Feasibility studies and implementation of corporate reorganization;

• Advice in tax inspection procedures and in the elaboration of administrative defenses;

• Preparation of expert opinions (technical consultations);

• Feasibility studies and implementation of other tax incentives;

• Due Diligence of tax procedures;

• ICPC 22/IFRIC 23 - Assistance in the diagnosis and implementation of the uncertainty reports on the treatment of income taxes.

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