Agility and expertise in operating and strategic restructuring of businesses

In such uncertain times, assertive plans and agile actions are critical not only to recover your company's strategy and performance in response to market threats but also to protect the enterprise value.

To assist your company in considering restructuring and financing options, Grant Thornton’s multidisciplinary teams of specialists are ready to help you in effectively navigating the myriad of aspects involved in corporate or debt restructuring processes with the quality and objectivity that such processes require.

Unique approach

We have the expertise to support and power our clients’ sustainable growth through our quality, innovation, credibility, agility, and global methodologies. We rely on approaches and experienced teams of professionals from different service lines, areas of specialization, and industries who are encouraged to share knowledge and insights while creating and adding value to our clients' business.

Our services

Business Restructuring and Recovery

We assess and monitor the business recovery plan for compliance, including the following aspects:

  • Business Model and Strategic Planning
  • Market and What-if Scenario Analysis
  • Financial and Operational Modeling
  • Modeling and Cash Flow Management
  • Investments and Working Capital
  • Operation Monitoring and Control
  • Accounting Advisory’s Critical Project and Process Portfolio Management
  • Cost Reduction Plan
  • Judicial Reorganization
  • Investigation of irregular practices that may have occurred before and during the process
  • Use of forensic technology for mass data analysis
  • Assessment of the completeness and integrity of the creditor relationship base and potential conflicts of interest
  • Preparation of evidence for use as expert evidence in court
Operational Excellence
  • Implementation of Corporate Governance Practices
  • Organizational Structure Redesign and Operational Framework Sizing
  • Definition of Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Effective Management
  • Process Evaluation with focus on Risk and Controls
  • Evaluation of General Information Technology Controls, including access profiles and information security
  • Process Redesign and Optimization with Focus on Performance Improvement
Asset Tracing

We have the expertise of a global team to trace assets both in Brazil and abroad, including offshore tax havens, as part of a recovery process work.

Conflict Mediation

As an independent, neutral third party, we can effectively mediate conflicts with creditors by using forensic techniques and building viable alternatives for controversial issues, thus avoiding delays in conflict resolution.

  • Debt renegotiation
  • Financial-economic rebalance of contracts
  • Measurement of compensation for damages and lost profits
  • Corporate dissolution
  • Assessment of claims in infrastructure and vonstruction contracts