Changes in Brazilian legislation addressing labor and social security, the constant discussions surrounding social security reform and new modalities of employment in the modern world require concrete action by companies for keeping a healthy environment.

Through complete diagnosis and preventive analysis, companies are capable of acting in compliance with regulations and accessory obligations that directly impact their businesses.

We offer services that meet the specific needs of organizations, with technological solutions and multidisciplinary teams able to identify risks and opportunities according to the current moment and future perspectives.

Our services:

  • Evaluation and assistance in the implementation of new practices that seek to optimize labor and social security costs;
  • Implementation of telework and other remote work policies;
    Liabilities reduction with future labor claims, through assessment using artificial intelligence;
  • Assistance in the identification, claim and monetization of social security credits;
  • eSocial / EFD-Reinf - pre and post implementation advice;
  • Reviews of labor and social security procedures (payroll, working hours, holidays, termination, 13th salary, occupational safety and medicine, ancillary obligations, social charges, etc.);
  • Review, rectification and crossing of accessory obligations (eSocial, EFD-Reinf, GFIP, RAIS, CAGED, etc.);
  • Outsourced management;
  • Specific reviews in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS);
  • Diagnosis and analysis of judicial labor claims, as well as identification and preventive action of the facts giving rise to the lawsuits;
  • Advice on diagnosis and control of judicial deposits;
  • Specific services for civil construction (DISO, CUB, physical inspections, etc.);
  • Elaboration and implementation of rules and procedures;
  • Assistance in inspection processes as well as in the preparation of administrative defenses;
  • Preparation of expert opinions (technical consultations);
  • Advice on payroll exemption;
  • Due Diligence of labor and social security procedures.

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Alberto Procópio
Partner | Labor and Social Security
Alberto Procópio

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