The expansion of corporate business and global investments require frequent displacement of specialized labor between countries, resulting in significant challenges to both companies and individuals.

With tax regulations constantly changing, keeping a structured global mobility program, in complying with local legislation and efficient cost is an essential component for successful management of both talent and business.

Therefore, our consolidated experience and global present allows us customized operations according to the specific needs in tax, labor and social security areas relative to international mobility.

In this context, we believe our services offer efficient solutions in matters of tax management and for individuals themselves, who need to adjust to legal rules of the countries where they reside, which are becoming more and more complex and globally interconnected.

Our solutions:

Tax Compliance

• Personalized Tax Orientation for individual taxpayers in their home and host countries; Individual Annual income tax return;

• Monthly income tax and capital gain calculation;

• Mapping of financial investments in Brazil and abroad;

• Communication of definitive departure and definitive

departure tax return;

• Brazilian central bank report;

• ITCMD declaration - (donation and inheritance tax);

• Certificate of coverage;

• Tax residence certificate;

• Support in administrative process with Brazilian Tax Authorities (“Receita Federal”).

Mobility Advice

• Tax, labor and social security cost analysis over benefits and global income (salary and stock options, bonus and allowances);

• International tax treaty analysis;

• International Social Security treaty analysis;

• Tax equalization;

• Shadow payroll;

• Preventive due diligence related to the expatriate payroll;

• Review of mobility policies according with the Brazilian Tax Law;

• Training in company;

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