Global Business Pulse Our future economic health, according to businesses right at its heart
Our future economic health, according to businesses right at its heart
Country profile Germany: Europe’s powerhouse
As Europe’s powerhouse economy, with a highly skilled workforce and wealthy consumer base, Germany is an ideal base for businesses of all types and sizes.
Country profile Canada: where innovation meets opportunity
As one of the most straightforward countries in the world in which to operate, and with a comprehensive network of international trade agreements that provide
Country profile Russia: Extensive investment opportunities
Access a world of resources, connections and expertise to help your international plans
Country profile Argentina: An investable nation
Argentina has a great deal to offer international investors, with its multicultural, welcoming society, its richness in natural resources and considerable
Country profile Brazil: A bright future
The opportunities in Brazil are limitless, but businesses will benefit from local insight and partnerships to make the most of them
Country profile The UK: Open for business
The UK offers an incredibly welcoming and entrepreneurial business environment, with a highly skilled workforce and a firm focus on supporting innovation
Country profile France: Productivity, creativity, opportunity
With a highly skilled and productive workforce, as well as an increasingly welcoming business environment, France is ideally placed to attract international
Country profile China: Driving growth through innovation
As the world’s second largest economy and most populous country, China’s appeal to foreign investors and businesses dealing in international trade is

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