We are able to contribute effectively for better and more transparent business environments.

We help our clients to integrate the economic-financial, governance and socio-environmental aspects in their management processes in a structured way.

handshake.pngAfter all, value creation is increasingly required by investors, markets and society.

At Grant Thornton, all of our service lines play an important role in the Sustainability agenda. We understand that ethical conduct, transparency and risks, in addition to social and environmental compliance and governance mechanisms, are fundamental elements to provide an integrated and impactful vision in generating consistent and long-term results.

Check out our integrated solutions:

  • Auditing public or legal commitments on Sustainability reports, Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories;
  • Materiality approach based on business risks, including economic-financial, socio-environmental and governance variables;
  • Preparation of accountability reports (GRI, IIRC, public commitments, among others);
  • Socio-environmental compliance and governance;
  • Preparation for listing on sustainability indicators on stock exchanges, as part of the mergers and acquisitions strategy.

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  • Risks and compliance, including socio-environmental;
  • Business and value chain diagnostics;
  • Analysis and evaluation for performance improvements in sustainability indicators;
  • Review and or development of corporate KPIs and processes, including socio-environmental and governance;
  • Risk management processes and / or system linked to socio-environmental and governance impact, including corruption;
  • Social and environmental pre-audits and related governance;
  • Analysis of operational risks and opportunities;
  • Preparation for listing on sustainability indicators on stock exchanges;
  • Development or review of organizational policies and related processes;
  • Benchmarks.

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  • Identify tax incentives with planning (local and global) in line with the new GRI standard (Tax Global Reporting Initiative);
  • Reduction of labor liabilities, as a way to reduce socioeconomic impact favoring greater local development;
  • Green taxes

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  • Due Diligence, including socio-environmental and governance;
  • IPO's with socio-environmental governance;
  • Preparation and access to international funds for investment in business projects related to sustainable development as a business model.

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  • Socio-environmental compliance and governance;
  • Environmental controls of operations, social impacts and related governance.

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  • Development or review of Codes of Conduct and related processes;
  • Evaluation and implementation of Compliance Programs with a focus on public and socio-environmental commitments;
  • Implementation and audit of the sustainability agenda within the scope of governance with a focus on good conduct and prevention of conflicts of interest;
  • Preparation, review and implementation of internal policies and procedures based on aspects of ethics, transparency and anti-corruption;
  • Third party integrity / reputational assessments (Integrity Due Diligence), including socio-environmental aspects and related governance;
  • Training and awareness on aspects of compliance, integrity and related sustainability aspects.

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Infrastructure & Capital Projects
  • Risk management, including socio-environmental and governance;
  • Construction consultancy, including identification and analysis of socio-environmental impacts;
  • Technical assistance in litigation, including crisis demands in local communities.

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Financial Services
  • Review of sustainability or integrated reports;
  • Review of Sustainability Policy, procedures and governance system for risk management (Central Bank Resolution);
  • Review of GEE emission inventories;
  • Materialism development based on business risks;
  • Evaluation of sustainability indicators for listing or maintenance on stock exchanges in Brazil and abroad.
  • Review of Sustainability Policy, procedures and governance system for risk management (Central Bank Resolution);
  • Preparation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories;
  • Materialism development based on business risks;
  • Preparation of Sustainability or Integrated reports (GRI, IIRC);
  • Preparation for listing on sustainability indicators on stock exchanges;
  • Financial mechanisms for funds and other solutions related to socio-environmental impacts along financed production chains;
  • Engagement with Stakeholders, among others.
  • Implementation of Risk and Vulnerability Systems, including those related to socio-environmental and governance impacts linked along the value chain;
  • IT- Disaster Recovery Plan , including aspects related to socio-environmental variables in financial operations.

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