Many companies realize how critical short-term forecasting is only when the theme is of extreme importance or in times of crisis.

Making short-term cash flow forecast is a new challenge that requires specific and multidisciplinary knowledge expertise to make it meaningful and sustainable for business.

Grant Thornton Brazil has experience in financial modeling and several advisory areas that are necessary to obtain more assertive insights into the near future.

Our approach

We offer end-to-end advisory services to help our clients manage their cash and overcome times of uncertainty with agility.

We develop a diagnosis of the business under the aspects of greatest influence on short-term cash management:

  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Existing management tools and monitoring
  • Existing contingency plans and dedicated teams
  • Operational and financing activities

And we perform short-term cash flow modeling according to its specifics for greater assertiveness and accuracy of its effect, considering the following factors:

  • Review of the projection horizon that should be adopted
  • Monitoring at reduced periodicity
  • Define the customized format with a focus on the cash inflows and outflows


How can Grant Thornton help your company?

Our team is prepared to offer objective and agile solutions to generate sustainable growth to your business.