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Transformations of the global market often require more preparation of companies in identifying possible risks, in creating opportunities and developing a competitive edge. To that effect, knowledge of the performance of operations and the capital structure of your business is extremely important for rendering feasible more efficient corporate transactions.

Our professionals have total expertise for offering customized solutions in accordance with the real needs of your company, irrespective of the stage and the size it is currently: from startups, middle market and family business, to large corporations, multinational organizations and publicly traded entities.

Creating and adding value to the market is increasingly required by stakeholders (in particular: investors, customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, government and regulatory agents, among others). Any analysis of new business or growth must take into account the socioeconomic, environmental and governance impacts linked to have a greater dimension on the assets transacted and go beyond socio-environmental compliance.

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With Grant Thornton’s global presence in over 140 countries, the Brazilian teams are capable of carrying out operations all across the territory of the Country and worldwide, helping in processes of:

  • Due Diligence, including socio-environmental and governance
  • Valuation,
  • Restructuring;
  • Debt Advisory;
  • Financial Advisory;
  • Capital Markets;
  • Cash Flow Management;
  • IPO’s with socio-environmental governance;
  • Preparation and access to international funds for investment in business projects related to sustainable development as a business model;

“Our teams can help you maximize your value through a transaction process that yields the best chances of success”.

Hugo Luna, Transactions Leader.

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