Dynamic organizations need to focus their energies on running the business.

As a global organisation of member firms, we are in an ideal position to support companies expanding their operations worldwide. We understand the challenges of compensating people in different territories and also have expertise in payroll legislations across the globe.
We are well versed in security and confidentiality concerns and can help reduce the administration costs of your payroll and personnel systems on the following aspects:

  • Payroll processing and calculation of all notional pay/benefit in kind
  • Calculation of tax, social insurance, pension and other statutory deductions
  • Electronic payment of salaries direct to employees
  • Ensuring ongoing and year-end compliance with revenue requirements
  • Regular updates on important payroll-related dates
  • Coordination of cross-jurisdiction payrolls with your local Grant Thornton firms
  • Provision of appropriate payroll reports and analysis in various formats
  • Prompt response to all queries and complete confidentiality


Specific system for payroll management - ORIS solution

Grant Thornton works with a process automation solution through a fully online Payroll environment with 24 × 7 availability and updated according to current legislation. The client performs all the routines and processes of the company, generates the reports and guides of each process of the sheet in a single portal.

In addition, the system is also already parameterized with eSocial so that companies do not have the need to increase investments to fit this obligation.


Why Grant Thornton?

We provide payroll services and benefits with full administrative and operational support so our customers have support in their growth and process improvement strategies. In addition, the efficient sheet management system provides a broad view of the corporation.


Contact us at grantthornton.brasil@br.gt.com or by phone (11) 3886-4800 and request a proposal. Our experts are ready to help you!