Today's financial restructurings require considerable project management skills to deal with the various stakeholders.

Chords complex structured finance, securitization and compliance frameworks also present new challenges to current restructuring.

For companies facing performance issues, we work with management teams, shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders to implement financial restructuring solutions, creating a stable platform for corporate reengineering.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, we are prepared to assess complex situations, various jurisdictions and high in situations with critical deadlines.

Our experience allows us to assimilate and quickly assess the interests of all parties to synthesize pragmatic monetary and options that could be employed in your company.

M&A Accelerated

The sale of a business in financial trouble or stressed on sale can often impair the value of the enterprise.

To the extent that the concerns on the feasibility grow, so does the concern among customers and employees. Thus, lines of credit can be taken by creditors and suppliers.

In an enterprise fragility situation, a process of accelerated M & A can be a vital tool to generate value for shareholders and creditors without harming a later deal.

A proven track record

We offer a proven methodology for accelerated transfer of their business and have the depth of resources to manage the various parts in a controlled and confidential manner.

Our team of M & A Accelerated working together with our financial and operational restructuring teams to increase stability and demonstrate performance improvement opportunities during the sales process.

Leader Hugo Luna


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