The Valuation should not be performed as a result of an isolated mechanical process.

Therefore, we use a wide range of methodologies and techniques to conduct an assessment, which also has the experience of our professionals to deliver quality advice that an evaluation process requires.

Our team has extensive experience in Valuation of private companies, serving organizations of all sizes.

We provide business advice to companies, partnerships and individuals for screening on acquisitions, transfers, mergers and restructuring proposals in a wide range of industries.

We conducted and reviewed Valuations for tax purposes and in cases involving intellectual property, we offer advice to evaluate items such as brands, know-how, customer lists, patents and licenses.

We assist your organization in regulatory and accounting issues, with advice Valuations required by Accounting Standards, including allocation of the purchase price, impairment testing and valuation of financial instruments, including stock options and other derivatives.

Our Valuation team uses sophisticated models and analytical skills to assess complex financial instruments and design strategies to reduce risks and maximize opportunities.

Leader Hugo Luna


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