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With a high volume of investments and several details to monitor, large projects have complex negotiations, great responsibilities and must have a good level of accountability. Achieving the quality goals, deadlines and expected costs is the challenge of the professionals involved.

In this sense, transparency in investments is imperative. The existence of good controls is a prerequisite to assist managers in the search for efficiency in operations, aiming at compliance with the determinations and meeting the expectations of the administration with the investor market, including aspects and socio-environmental impacts and governance.

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Based on our industry expertise and integration with a network of national and international professionals, Infrastructure & Capital Projects services support the maximization of return on financing, acquisition, construction, operation and sale of infrastructure assets, real estate and large capital projects.

We have a multi-disciplinary team trained to provide the necessary support on all technical and business aspects associated with the delivery of large-scale construction projects. From an independent vision and integrated approach to results, we offer specialized services:

  • Advisory in lawsuits;
  • Risk management, including socio-environmental and governance;
  • Construction consultancy, including identification and analysis of socio-environmental impacts;
  • Contract management;
  • Technical assistance in litigation, including crisis demands in local communities;
  • Technical audits and recovery of excess costs.