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Amid the challenges arising from the digital transformation, Financial Institutions increasingly direct resources and focus efforts on expanding the use of technological solutions, whether to optimize processes and controls, meet regulatory requirements or even to improve their operational efficiency.

With a multi-disciplinary and integrated vision, and through a dynamic approach, using technological solutions and tools, we support Financial Institutions in the development, definition and implementation of strategies, improvement of the internal control environment, creation of tools, management and monitoring of indicators, among others, including other areas specialized in serving Financial Institutions, as well as partners with specialized solutions.

Our solutions:

  • Preparation of strategic plans (IT master plan);
  • Alignment between technology and business;
  • Analysis of the IT operational model and organizational structure;
  • Strategic and operational PMO;
  • Transformation of business architecture and solutions;
  • New Technologies (Ex: Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence);
  • Strategies to reduce IT costs;
  • Optimization of IT services;
  • Cost of IT services;
  • Specification of solutions with regulatory analysis;
  • Strategy, design and implementation for Digital Banks;
  • Process automation and solution integration;
  • Strategy development and implementation of Cybersecurity requirements;
  • Documentation of Security Processes;
  • Implementation of Risk and Vulnerability Systems, including those related to socio-environmental and governance impacts linked along the value chain;
  • Selection of Applications / Solutions and evaluation of systems operational capacity;
  • Gamification App;
  • Development of Innovation Platforms;
  • IT- Business Continuity Plan;
  • IT- Incident Response Plan;
  • IT- Disaster Recovery Plan , including aspects related to socio-environmental variables in financial operations.
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