Independent Audit

With a focus on Financial Institutions, we offer Independent Audit solutions and we have a team of experts with a deep knowledge of Brazilian and international accounting standards and, mainly, the specifics of the standards issued by the main regulatory bodies:

Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen), Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep), Securities Commission (CVM), National Superintendence of Supplementary Pension Plans (Previc), National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), among others.

Through the use of technological tools combined with international methodologies, we evaluate the internal controls and the operational characteristics of each business, in a unique way, so that the Financial Institutions are always aligned with the best corporate governance practices.

Our solutions:

  • Audit of half-yearly and annual Financial Statements;
  • Review of Interim Financial Statements.
  • Reasonable and Limited Assurance Procedure;
  • Previously Agreed Procedures;
  • Advice on Complex Accounting Issues;
  • Assistance in preparing the company for the external audit process;
  • Support in accounting reconciliation using accelerator platforms;
  • Assistance in understanding the impacts of new accounting standards and assistance in implementation;
  • Accounting advice on merger, spin-off, acquisition and incorporation operations;
  • Preparation and conversion of financial statements to IFRS and USGAAP;
  • Accounting advice on parameterization, structuring of accounting plan and cost center;
  • Preparation of management reports and other reports;
  • Advice for optimization in the accounting closing process (aiming at saving resources);
  • Review of sustainability or integrated reports;
  • Review of Sustainability Policy, procedures and governance system for risk management (Central Bank Resolution);
  • Review of GEE emission inventories;
  • Materialism development based on business risks;
  • Evaluation of sustainability indicators for listing or maintenance on stock exchanges in Brazil and abroad.
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