Financial Advisory

Operating in a highly regulated market, with increasingly complex, sophisticated corporate environments and new technologies requires financial institutions to be adaptable, agile and assertive in decision making.

In this sense, conducting business using appropriate approaches creates a competitive differential and enables greater productivity and assertiveness in decision-making and in innovation projects.

The way of doing business is constantly changing, due to advances in the development and implementation of disruptive technologies, global competition, emerging business models, changes in the expectations of customers and employees, in addition to regulations often being created or updated to keep pace with growing market needs.

At Grant Thornton, Financial Institutions can count on a team that combines the use of international methodologies, tools and technological solutions with the multidisciplinary knowledge of specialist professionals, to assist in the many challenges of the Financial Services industry, whether in the evaluation or adherence of compliance with regulatory aspects, review of processes and controls, projects for optimization and cost reduction, risk management or even strategic consulting for the identification of operational and business opportunities.

Our solutions:

  • Internal Audit;
  • Evaluation and implementation of internal control structures;
  • Process Mapping, Analysis and Optimization
  • Assessment and implementation of Risk Management structures;
  • Structural assessment and calculation of complex and derivative financial instruments;
  • Automation of processes for data capture;
  • Preparation and review of strategic planning and business plan;
  • Innovation Projects;
  • Implementation of business structures (Ex: Digital Banks, Fintechs, among others);
  • Technology solutions;
  • Evaluation and implementation of sustainability structures;
  • Review of Sustainability Policy, procedures and governance system for risk management (Central Bank Resolution);
  • Preparation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories;
  • Materialism development based on business risks;
  • Preparation of Sustainability or Integrated reports (GRI, IIRC);
  • Preparation for listing on sustainability indicators on stock exchanges;
  • Financial mechanisms for funds and other solutions related to socio-environmental impacts along financed production chains;
  • Engagement with Stakeholders, among others.
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