Actuarial services

In the last few decades, mainly due to the framework of rules for provisions and solvency, actuarial science has become essential to the strategy of companies originating in the risk transfer market, such as insurance companies, reinsurers, pension funds, capitalization and supplementary health.

Through the use of technological tools and multi-disciplinary teams, we offer a wide range of specialized actuarial services to help our clients face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that will arise in the short term.

Our solutions:

  • Data Science and Analytics applied to Financial Institutions;
  • Economic capital model, capital adequacy and solvency margin;
  • Modeling, implementation, validation and monitoring of internal capital models;
  • Pricing modeling;
  • Review of calculations, evaluation of methodologies and actuarial assumptions applied in determining technical provisions;
  • Qualification (data cleaning and data validation) of official regulatory bases;
  • Due Diligence of actuarial risks;
  • Evaluation of actuarial obligation in loyalty programs;
  • Internal Process Audit;
  • CPC 33 / IAS 19 - Review of calculations, reconciliation reports and case studies and actuarial assumptions used in the actuarial valuation of post-employment benefits, including retirement and health care plans and premiums, among other benefits.

Exclusive solutions for insurance companies, reinsurers, open pension plans and capitalization companies, under Susep regulation - Superintendence of Private Insurance:

  • Independent actuarial audit;
  • Review of the calculation of the minimum required capital;
  • Review of methodology and calculation of technical provisions;
  • Modeling of reinsurance plans to optimize capital and results;
  • Embedded Value Modeling - EV;
  • Asset Liability Management Study - ALM;
  • Preparation of adherence studies in attendance to the regulatory agency;
  • Mapping, implementation and monitoring of internal controls for calculating actuarial liabilities, as well as advising on external audit processes;
  • IFRS 17 - Evaluation of studies and analyzes for diagnostics and implementation of the requirements established by the standard. Our approach is based on modular analyzes, that is, we develop and present a tailor-made program for each Company that ranges from a specific theme to the standard's dealings in its entirety.

Exclusive solutions for closed supplementary pension entities (EFPC), under the Previc regulation - National Superintendence of Private Pension Plans:

  • Actuarial Auditing;
  • Audit of benefits of pension entities;
  • Actuarial Valuation;
  • Preparation of a report on the internal control environment of Social Security Entities;
  • Actuarial assessment of benefit plans in compliance with the criteria established by Previc;
  • Studies for payment of plans or withdrawal of sponsorship;
  • Restructuring of the benefit plan in the following modalities: defined benefit, defined contribution and variable contribution;
  • Asset Liability Management Studies - ALM.

Exclusive solutions for healthcare operators, under ANS regulation - National Supplementary Health Agency:

  • Review of the calculation of the minimum required capital;
  • Review of methodology and calculation of technical provisions;
  • Study and implementation of the Liability Adequacy Testing methodology - TAP;
  • Provision of general actuarial services for healthcare operators.
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