With a focus on financial instruments and insurance contracts, we offer solutions to support your business in structuring, monitoring and managing complex accounting topics and financial and non-financial information, in addition to supporting financial functions with robust data analysis, through innovative tools and own methodologies.

Our solutions cover a wide range of services, including evaluation of processes, controls and corporate governance, to assist our clients in complying with regulatory requirements and changes, with agility and greater transparency.

Our solutions

Hedge accounting

  • Implementation of hedge accounting structures;
  • Review of structures to suit established requirements;
  • Review of accounting structures;
  • Review of controls related to hedge accounting, including processes related to contracting, monitoring and reporting;
  • Review of disclosure in the financial statements.

Accounting Standards

  • Implementation of new accounting pronouncements;
  • Review of implementation requirements in relation to those required by the standards;
  • Adjustment needs assessment between GAPs - USGAAP x IFRS, BACEN GAAP and IFRS and SUSEP GAAP x IFRS.
  • Evaluation for the correct classification of financial instruments (segregation between debt and equity)
  • Evaluation and review of new pronouncements related to public sector standards.

Accounting Analysis

  • Issuance of opinions and accounting reports
  • Review, preparation of accounting scripts;
  • Technical support (IT) in the implementation of new accounting systems;
  • Implementation of calculation models for pricing derivative financial instruments;
  • Review of existing calculations and implementation of improvements;
  • Review of the control environment related to the contracting, recognition and measurement of the derivatives portfolio maintained by the company.

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