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The financial services industry faces constant regulatory changes, in addition to the challenges that the digital transformation establishes associated with the new habits and behaviors of customers. At the same time, demands based on trust, transparency, governance and socio-environmental responsibility are increasingly required.

At Grant Thornton, we deeply understand the particularities of the sector. For this reason, we help Financial Institutions to maintain trust and integrity, creating and generating sustainable value for their businesses, in the face of the challenges of risk management and market disruption.

"The financial services industry is essential for the proper functioning of markets, having an extremely relevant role in the lives of people and organizations. Our goal is to support Financial Institutions so that they operate as efficiently as possible and focus on their businesses, enabling a better functioning of economies and their related aspects."

Thiago Brehmer, FSI Leader

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Agile solutions for the future of the financial services industry

To address these key issues, our local and global teams of financial services experts work in an integrated manner to bring the best solutions to the financial and capital markets, insurance companies, asset and wealth managers, among others. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the support and collaboration so that they can maintain the dedication in their business.

You can count on our experts to support your company with

  • Technology solutions
  • Independent Audit
  • Actuarial services
  • Internal Audit Consulting

We have trained teams of multi-disciplinary specialists to serve all types of audiences in the financial industry: many types of banks, fintechs, credit cooperative, insurance, capital markets, cryptocurrency companiesm and much more.

Independent Audit

Evaluation of internal controls and operational characteristics to align with good governance practices

Accounting Advisory

Focus on financial instruments and insurance contracts, compliance with requirements and regulatory changes

Financial Advisory

Technical expertise and technological solutions to identify operational and business opportunities

Internal Audit

Assessment of risk management and internal controls, including socio-environmental aspects

Actuarial services

Effective solutions to assist the risk transfer market with provisions and solvency standards

Technology solutions

Optimization of processes and controls, meeting regulatory requirements and better operational efficiency


Adhesion and maintenance in accordance with the requirements required in the PIX regulation

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Thiago Brehmer
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Thiago Brehmer
FSI Leader
Thiago Brehmer

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