Corporate intelligence

Our Global Business Intelligence services assist corporations in gathering and analyzing information that can detect integrity risks or contribute to decision-making when hiring suppliers or employees, entering new markets, sourcing financial resources, evaluating partners on existing business, seeking to comply with the law or to give support to audits and investigations.

Our approach is customized to the context presented. We have global reach tools and a team of experts who interpret and correlate results from multiple sources and can extend the research scope to the companies or people involved, to gain a better understanding of the critical points and eliminate any discrepancies or fake news.

In this way, we obtain a robust and credible result needed to support the decision-making process.

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Our solutions include:

  • Integrity Due Diligence;
  • Support to M&A;
  • Background Investigation;
  • Compliance Management System for Third Parties; and
  • Third Party Risk Analysis on registration basis.
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How can we help your company?