Corporate compliance

In an increasingly demanding environment for transparency, organizations must maintain a high level of corporate governance in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations to gain market credibility and minimize the risks of fraud and corruption.

Our approach is focused on assessing, designing, implementing, reviewing and enhancing Compliance and Integrity Programs to provide an effective framework for mitigating fraud and corruption risks, as well as adding value to the company brand and business.

We are constantly developing to improve our services, our methodology has been developed based on a combination of elements of the Anti-Corruption Law 12,846, the CGU Handbook, guidelines from national bodies such as the TCU, and international ones such as the US Department of Justice (DOJ), ISO 37,001 (Anti-Bribery), ISO 19,600 (Anti-Corruption), SCCE, ACFE and Internal Audit, Compliance and Investigation frameworks.

Our solutions:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment;
  • Compliance and Integrity Program Maturity Assessment;
  • Implementation of the Compliance and Integrity Program;
  • Compliance and Integrity Program Management;
  • Preparation and Application of Training;
  • Preparation of Code of Conduct and Ethics, Policies and Procedures;
  • Reporting Channel Management;
  • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Due Diligence (ABAC DD);
  • Compliance of Policies and Procedures with Law 12,846, FCPA, UK Bribery Act and ISO 19,600 and ISO 37,001 (certifiable);
  • Third Party Management;
  • Money Laundering Prevention (PLD / AML);
  • Predictive Analyses using Data Analytics;
  • Preparation of Compliance and Integrity Program Monitoring Indicators;
  • Support in the Definition of Systemic Rules for Monitoring Ethics, Integrity and Compliance Risks;
  • QuaLIES Certification, developed by the Health Ethics Institute.
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