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Misconduct are major challenges for companies, impacting business profitability, drastically affecting their reputation and culture, and endangering business continuity.

Regardless of their size or segment, companies are exposed to fraud risks. It is therefore important to define, in a timely manner, the company's actions regarding the identification, protection and prevention of risks.

At FIDS (Forensic, Investigation & Dispute Services), local and global teams act in an integrated manner to guide organizations in addressing any misconduct, with experience in highly complex projects and skills to assist them with agility and discretion.

With reference to good market practices, we offer customized solutions using forensic technology and corporate intelligence to better serve your organization.

Our solutions:

  • Investigations and Combating Financial Crimes;
  • Corporate Compliance;
  • General Data Protection Act (LGPD);
  • Corporate Intelligence;
  • Expert Services and Forensic Accounting;
  • Insolvency and Asset Search and Recovery;
  • Forensic Technology.


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