Business Process Solutions

Constant market transformations require companies to be more agile and high-performance to remain competitive. To that effect, departments must be integrated, with effective digital solutions allowing for strategies directed to the core business.

The Business Process Solutions (BPS) area of Grant Thornton constantly invests in innovation, technology and human talent for increasing backoffice efficiency in a custom-made manner, applicable to the business level.

Through process automation using artificial intelligence for reading and validating documents, our approach allows us to enhance manual processes either administrative, financial, accounting, tax-related, human resources, environmental management and governance for reducing cost and risk, allowing expansion of transparency and strategic business results.

In our structure, we count on a multidisciplinary technical team for meeting legal and regulatory aspects with agility and security, joining technology and custom service for providing services in bookkeeping, financial management, payroll, tax, socio-environmental compliance and outsourcing – BPO.

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Our solutions:

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Tax and socio-environmental compliance and governance;
  • Payroll;
  • Financial management;
  • BPO;
  • Startup;
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Environmental controls of operations, social impacts and related governance.


Integrated solutions and process automation to minimize the risk of inconsistencies and reduce costs

Tax compliance

Systems integration to ensure compliance and identify opportunities to reduce the tax burden


Departments of technological and strategic human resources, combined with management and operational governance

Financial management

Own methodologies that guarantee greater efficiency and security to accounting information


Process automation using artificial intelligence to increase backoffice efficiency


Planning and structuring to meet local tax requirements efficiently for the soundness of the business

Business Intelligence

Dynamic and customized indicators according to the needs and challenges of organizations

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