Forensic technology

Definitely, technology changes impact the way we do and protect our business. The amount of data stored has increased exponentially and storage devices are constantly evolving, requiring robust structures to reduce operations vulnerability as well as to capture information and data from them.

Quick responsiveness to an incident is extremely important in any type of forensics work. Our forensic technology framework is located entirely in Brazil, providing security, agility, efficiency and ensuring best forensic practices in preservation and handling of evidence.

Our solutions:

  • Forensic Device Collection and Data Extraction;
  • Structured and Unstructured Data Processing and Hosting;
  • E-Discovery;
  • Analysis of mobile devices such as smartphones and drones;
  • Computational Forensics;
  • Device Monitoring;
  • Forensic Data Analytics;
  • Technological Support to Law Firms;
  • Training.
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