Grant Thornton has trained teams of multidisciplinary specialists in accounting, business administration, financial and legal that are ready to perform trust services in judicial reorganization and bankruptcy processes under Law 11.101/05, with the in-depth knowledge, quality, legality, transparency, ethics, and objectivity that the issue requires, and support to the court.

Our services

Judicial reorganization

Acting as Judicial Administrator under Law 11.101/05, without excluding others, mainly in the following aspects:

  • Verification and consolidation of credits
  • Accounting verification
  • Verification of transparency of information
  • Monitoring and inspection of business activities
  • Accompanying the execution of the judicial reorganization plan
  • Financial operation monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Support to court
  • Verification and consolidation of credits
  • Accounting verification
  • Asset appraisal and realization
  • Asset recovery
  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of the bankruptcy estate
  • Extent of the bankruptcy effects
  • Filing actions
  • Apportionment of payments to creditors
  • Reporting
  • Support to court
Search and recovery of assets

We have the expertise of a global team for asset identification and recovery, both in Brazil and abroad, including tax havens (offshore).

Conflict mediation
  • Mediation of legal and pre-legal disputes
  • Expert services for identifying factual elements of mediation
  • Evaluation reports and opinions on different matters to provide clarifications to the parties
  • Verification of accounting and financial statements for transparency of negotiations
  • Resolution of divergences

Get to know our differentials:

  • We are recognized as global leaders in asset recovery and judicial administration in insolvency processes, now operating in Brazil;
  • Recognition by Who's Who Legal (WWL) - in Restructuring, Insolvency, Asset Recovery - 10 of our leaders were ranked as Global Elite out of a total of 26 non-lawyers;
  • Global experience in complex asset recovery cases and judicial administration in combating fraud against creditors and money laundering;
  • We have recovered more than US$ 3.5 billion over the last 8 years;
  • Offshore experience, including major financial centers, allowing the analysis and monitoring of more complex structures;
  • We have global teams and structures that operate with the best practices and state-of-the-art technology;
  • We have members of INSOL International’s Group of Thirty-Six.