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I N N O V A T I O N  T O  D E F I N E  T H E  C O M P E T I T I V E  F U T U R E  O F  B U S I N E S S

With the speed and dynamism of the market, we can no longer say that innovation is a differential in business – it is a matter of survival. Innovation is a transformational solution that adds and increases the competitiveness of companies, and it should be part of the organizational culture and not only of the strategy.

This process is challenging. That is why we create differentiated approaches and use disruptive technologies to help your company optimize solutions and create more structured, efficient and sustainable business models, capable of meeting new customer needs.

C O R P O R A T E  I N N O V A T I O N  J O U R N E Y

The innovation journey was created based on our experience in identifying the stage at which a company is considering how the innovation theme is conducted internally. This journey considers 5 levels of maturity that demonstrate in which phase the company is, and where it can go. What stage is your company at? Want to know how to move forward on this journey?

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Technology, innovation and people with entrepreneurial spirit define the future of business.

With a specialized team, we help our clients to think and act in a transformative and innovative way, bringing mindset change and working together from the preparation of the Innovation Program to the qualification.

Our focus is to generate measurable results to the organizations.

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Main services:

Main services:

Relationship with Startups
Relationship with Startups
Relationship with Startups
Development of acceleration and matchmaking programs with startups. We perform from the creation of the relationship thesis with startups, to the search, selection and monitoring of startups. Ideal for companies that wish to approach to this business model for partnership, investment or future acquisition.
Culture and Mindset
Culture and Mindset
Culture and Mindset
Development of programs to create a culture of innovation and help the whole organization to have a more agile mindset, opened to changes and prepared to innovate from day-to-day activities to the creation of new business models. Ideal for companies that is necessary to build a more fertile environment to deal with the uncertainties that innovation may bring.
Corporate Innovation Journey
Corporate Innovation Journey
Corporate Innovation Journey
We understand that each company has different and specific realities regarding innovation. Therefore, we cocreate an innovation journey in an exclusive way and carry out the management and monitoring this planning on a daily basis. Ideal for companies that wish to innovate, but need help and methodologies to execute innovation initiatives.

We understand what you need and we make it our purpose. 

Meet who will take this journey with you:


Adriana Moura

GRC Leader

Erika Yamashiro

Head of Futurize and Academia de Inovadores

Glória Lucena (1).png

Glória Lucena

Due Diligence Partner


Vinny Machado

Co-founder Vortex Ventures (Startadora/Futurize)

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