Human capital

Human capital management has become one of the most sensitive topics in the corporate universe, where practices aimed at employee development, increasing motivation and productivity rates, forming high performance teams, preparing new leaders and building a healthy and collaborative organizational climate have gained strategic importance.

Faced with these challenges, speed in adaptation will be essential. Leaders need to show greater resilience to build an organizational culture that is open to the new, integrating all resources towards the same direction, building and engaging their talents to help them overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

To do so, they should explore paths far from their conventional knowledge, through an immersion in self-knowledge and towards a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture.

Grant Thornton offers customized solutions for each client, respecting their organizational culture and people. Our solutions include:

Organizational Culture

  • Culture diagnosis and audit;
  • Alignment of the executive leadership culture with that of theother employees;
  • Cultural transformation interventions;
  • Improved employee engagement.

Training and Development

  • In-person training;
  • E-learning training;
  • Workshops;
  • Platforms and applications;
  • Gamification.

Compensation and Engagement

  • Development of fixed compensation (job and salary plans) and variable compensation (bonus, profit sharing, commissions, etc.) models, salary surveys and customized benefits to meet the needs of the organization;
  • Measurement of employee satisfaction rates - organizational climate;
  • Structured career plan;
  • Analysis, monitoring and preparation of actions to improve the health of individuals and companies, generating increased productivity, happiness, and cost reduction related to health.

Talent and Ability

  • Assistance in due diligence work on issues related to the sizing of the workforce, in order to contribute to strategic decision making by organizations involved in M&A processes;
  • Performance evaluation - design and implementation of 90, 180, and 360-degree appraisal processes;
  • Change management - implementation of a sustainable strategy for change, with methods that address the change impact on the people involved (merger, takeover and spin-off);
  • Succession plan - succession planning and management;
  • Audit of HR subsystems, within the context of attraction, retention, and development - tests and analyses in processes, forms, controls, systems, and indicators (KPIs).
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