Crisis Management

Reputation and credibility are valuable assets for all businesses. Building them positively in the marketplace requires long-term efforts and protecting them requires responsibility on the part of the organization's members. A positive image and proper risk monitoring contribute to the achievement of companies' strategic planning.

In an adverse scenario, maintaining transparency in relations with different stakeholders is an imperative. Crisis management requires timely and integrated action coupled with the ability to map and monitor latent business risks.

In order to build a relevant Business Continuity Plan, having a systemic view and being prepared to act in the short, medium and long terms is necessary. Today's business crises have reverberated at environmental, social, and economic levels due to globalization and technology development.

At Grant Thornton Brazil we have methodologies and strategies designed to the most diverse scenarios to develop plans customized to the needs of each business with a focus on preventive or proactive actions.

Strategic action pillars:

Risk & Compliance Assessment

  • Compliance program
  • Risk management
  • Evaluation of the internal control environment and conformities
  • Crisis committee
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Organizational structure review


  • Risks and compliance, including environmental & social
  • Enterprise and related value chain diagnoses
  • Review and/or development of processes and corporate KPIs (ESG)
  • Risk management system linked environmental & social, and governance impacts
  • Environmental & social pre-audits and related governance
  • Analysis of operational risks and identification of opportunities
  • Preparation of materiality based on enterprise risks
  • Development or review of organizational policies and related processes
  • Implementation of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Preparation of accountability reports (GRI, IIRC, ESG for investors).


  • Press Office and Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication and Internal Communication
  • Branding
  • Events
  • Digital
  • Videos and Online Broadcasts
  • Communication Trainings
  • Production of Content & Publications
  • Research
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