With direct impact on all professionals and departments, and provided this is one of the highest costs of companies, payroll management requires dedicated attention for complying with labor legislation.

Integrated solutions of the Business Process Solutions (BPS) area of Grant Thornton allows transforming the human resources department into a strategic technological environment, without losing management and governance on the operational aspect.

Therefore, it is possible for companies, irrespective of their size and industry, to comply with legal, government and union updates, and to dedicate high-performance of their teams to the core business.

Out services:

  • Preparation of payroll and calculation of social security charges;
  • Records and keeping documents of hiring and terminations;
  • Preparation of annual accessory obligations: DIRF, RAIS and revenue reports;
  • Preparation of vacation dates;
  • Overseeing collective bargaining, agreements and conventions;
  • Benefit management;
  • Labor and social security support in complying with inspection.
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