Consistent bookkeeping allows better tax planning and facilitates strategic decisions being made aiming and business success.

Complying with this requirement demands keeping up with constant changes to rules of councils, legislations and national and international rules to avoid being issued infraction notices by tax authorities.

With integrated solutions and automation of accounting processes it is possible to minimize the risk of inconsistencies occurred due to keeping manual records, reducing cost, as well as ensuring more agility to deliveries and allow focus on the core business.

Our services:

  • Preparation of accounts plan;
  • Analysis of original corroborating documentation and accounting classification according to Brazilian standards and principles in force;
  • Records of documents in the ERP system;
  • Generation of accounting information, meeting legal and managerial aspects of the client with qualification for reporting in accordance with USGAAP and IFRS standards;
  • Performing reconciliation of accounts based on official reports such as: banking statements, financial investments, loans and accounting reprocessing;
  • Preparation of consolidated Balance Sheets and accounting closing, meeting differentiated calendars;
  • Control of items in ERP, calculating depreciation, tax rate, managerial and cost calculation.
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