Because of the global convergence movements that Brazil has adopted, an actuarial issue has become increasingly present in organizations.

Grant Thornton helps finance and human resources managers in organizations address some of the priority issues on the corporate agenda such as:

  • Does the structured company benefit program help in consolidating a good social image of the organization?
  • Are there more viable alternatives to improving the organization's benefits program in terms of financial risk, administrative and fiscal costs?
  • How are financial transactions with the accounting compliance program (CPC 33 R1, IAS 19 and US GAAP) adequately scaled, demonstrated and removed?
  • How to improve risk assessment and risk management to improve performance and increase the organization's competitiveness?
  • How to minimize the risks of insolvency in assessing inadequate estimates of employment commitments?

Why Grant Thornton?

We have a team of professionals specialized in actuarial subjects with multidisciplinary training and highly experienced in dealing with professionals in the areas of finance and human resources.

Industries served by these services:

  • Entities overseen by SUSEP, PREVIC, ANS and CVM;
  • Publicly-held companies and / or covered by Law No. 11,638.


Leader Thiago Brehmer

Actuarial Services

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