Using IFRS contributes to increase the quality, comparability and transparency of the financial information.

We have an international staff in our Brazilian office, which is specialized in IFRS and USGAAP. Our staffs also have professionals that are qualified and certified in the United States, who frequently attend training and technical recycling sessions on the latest publications by regulators at US market.

We serve several public companies at US market, and we may assist your company either to identify the differences between two environments or advise you in event of doubts on how to account for operations under USGAAP optics.

Our differential

We have the range and the experience to serve dynamic companies worldwide. Our staff provides services that add value and develop the customer visibility at the market.

Learn more about our Consulting services:

  • Conversion of financial statements - IFRS/CPCs and USGAAP
  • Consulting services for presentation of financial statements
  • Training Sessions - for preparation of financial reports
  • Accounting opinion on Complex Accounting Subjects.


Leader Octavio Zampirollo


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