Outsourcing is an option for small and medium-sized enterprises

A few decades ago, we had the perception that the accountant, also known at the time as "bookkeepers", was just a functional, methodical and sunk professional. Nowadays, this story has changed a lot. After all, considering the specialization that is required in accounting, fiscal, financial and payroll, a single professional is not able to absorb all the technical issues necessary for the full service of their activities.

For example, the tax issue in Brazil has always been an obstacle, imposes on companies a very difficult to maintain conformity with the competent bodies. The use of an integrated system for accounting and tax purposes is essential for the compliance of any organization and to facilitate the life of the entrepreneur. When we think about maintaining these activities on their own, it is necessary to manage part of the time dedicated to follow up these tasks. After all, since there are rules and obligations that need to be fulfilled by the taxpayers to make strategic decisions of the company (balance sheets, financial statements, cash flow, among others), they can not be treated in a superficial or less important way.

However, outsourcing becomes an interesting alternative not only for large corporations, but also for the small and medium entrepreneur, who must evaluate the cost-effectiveness of maintaining the professionals of this level in the home, not only with their direct costs (salary Outsourced back office work can bring costs down by 20-30%, depending on the cost and the cost of the misunderstandings in the accounting and tax process. On the industry segment.

The outsourcing sector remains heated for some segments, including the technology sector, which continues to grow even in times of crisis, reinventing itself with automation and mechanisms that make other sectors gain efficiency. This makes outsourcing companies also heavily invest in hardware, software and cloud technology, so they stay in line with the expectations of this market. These companies are usually managed by small and medium-sized businessmen who, at this initial stage of operation, need to focus on their business and innovation to excel.

Therefore, evaluating companies based solely on volume and statistical data to develop a customized project and price for the additional services that will be offered, is no longer allowed in the outsourcing market. Today, it is also necessary to use market data, economic perspectives, ideals and mission of the company to always be aligned with the expectations of customers. Most of the time, it is also necessary to support them in the construction of these objectives, helping them to size and structure their projects, due to the complexity in Brazil, have not yet gone out of paper.

The development of customized products and services are highlighted as the main differential of efficient outsourcing companies. The entrepreneur must evaluate: Is maintaining the internal back office the most viable option at this moment of crisis? In this sense, outsourcing these activities to a company that knows your business can also turn the accountant into "adding value" and no longer "save books".