BPS: artificial intelligence to optimize processes and reduce costs

Artificial intelligence offers a variety of everyday and practical solutions that can deliver revolution and great savings for businesses, regardless of size. Such presence made BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) evolve and reach a new level: Business Process Solutions (BPS).

The reason for the change in nomenclature is evident: BPS is more than outsourcing focused on running repetitive processes. The practice goes deep into task analysis and mapping. That is, there is a strong consultative burden to evaluate step by step, redefine steps and thereby define new processes and resize structures.

It is in the solution determination phase that this comprehensive solution incorporates artificial intelligence most clearly. And that manifests itself in its bottom line: In Grant Thornton's cases, applying BPS brings significant savings to companies.

Process optimization and better efficiency of human capital

In general, the gains go beyond. This is the case, for example, of calculating the expected savings for a company that demanded a solution for checking notes and receivables. With 18 people on the team dedicated to the activities, the company still lived with inconsistencies in both activities, reasons for complaints and the need for change.

The solution? After evaluating and mapping the process, it was up to the Grant Thornton team to find that given the size of the process, a deeper solution was needed than just changing the team or the skills of those involved. After all, more than 3,000 non-standard document types were accounted for in the process, each received by email.

The first step was to standardize the way information was received, with the creation of a dedicated digital portal, which, in addition to ensuring the accuracy of the information, reduced the need for checking and therefore handling the material and the volume of people involved. The result was a 22% savings and higher quality and consistency of information.

Areas covered by BPS

BPS logic can be applied to both accounting, tax, and payroll solutions. Due to its effectiveness, the solution has attracted companies from different life stages and even startups of foreign operations that are now coming to the Brazilian market and looking for partners that guarantee the local team the necessary focus to look at what is really important in their entry. in Brazil.

In another recent case, it was up to our in-house team to rethink the payroll outsourcing of an international startup with two hundred employees allocated. After analyzing the process adopted, the solution found was to change the pattern of entering information about newly hired employees implemented in the country.

With the change, all documents were automatically received through a digital portal. All inputs started to be made by the contractors themselves online. The documents, once validated in one step, are now included in the company data; and the relevant payroll information. With this, in addition to speed, the new process brought greater efficiency, began to require less professionals and avoid rework.

Want to know how your business can apply artificial intelligence and optimize processes to deliver better results across multiple indicators?

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