With the aim of establishing a bond of trust through our global good practices and promoting clearer communication about us and our stakeholders, which include clients from all member firms, audit committees, regulatory bodies, employees and the public in general, we created the global transparency report, updated and published annually on our website.

Our stakeholders expect us to have a team of multidisciplinary employees, appropriate processes and technologies to carry out actions of public interest and highly reliable audits. This report contains information on how our member firms develop their processes and offer their services with quality and excellence.

In fiscal-year 2019, ended September 30, our combined global revenue from that of member firms was $ 5.72 billion.

With more than 56,000 employees (+800 only in Brazil) and with a presence in more than 140 countries, we daily seek to make a difference for our customers and communities. Our commitment, with the provision of the highest quality services, is to assist in the development of the business of our customers and markets.

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