With the aim of establishing a bond of trust through our global good practices and promoting clearer communication about us and our stakeholders, which include clients from all member firms, audit committees, regulatory bodies, employees and the public in general, we created the global transparency report, updated and published annually on our website.

Our stakeholders expect us to have a team of multidisciplinary employees, appropriate processes and technologies to carry out actions of public interest and highly reliable audits. This report contains information on how our member firms develop their processes and offer their services with quality and excellence.

With more than 58,000 employees (+1,200 only in Brazil) and with a presence in 138 countries, we daily seek to make a difference for our customers and communities. Our commitment, with the provision of the highest quality services, is to assist in the development of the business of our customers and markets.

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For more details, see our most recent publications:

June 2020

Global transparency report 2020

24 pages

In this report you can learn more about the progress we continue to make to improve processes and how we organise ourselves to help build a better, more sustainable future for all.


May 2019

Global transparency report 2019

24 páginas

Welcome to the 2019 Grant Thornton global transparency report. Sustainable, technological, political and regulatory disruption are driving radical reinvention of business models across all sectors. Professional services is no exception.


March 2018

Global transparency report 2018

22 pages

This report highlights how Grant Thornton is making a difference – how we are investing in improving our global audit approach, methodology and technology as well as our audit quality control procedures and monitoring.


May 2018

Global transparency report 2017

20 pages

I would like to present to you our Grant Thornton 2017 global transparency report. Over the last 10 years, our profession has improved audit quality substantially. Both reputation and quality, in our profession, is what makes us strong across all of our service lines. Without quality, we have nothing.