Grant Thornton can contribute effectively to business transformation.

We believe in the need for organizations to integrate economic-financial, governance and socio-environmental aspects into their management processes to enable better and more transparent business environments. For this reason, we created the Sustainability Desk to assist our customers in the value creation process, with all business areas in an integrated, structured and consistent manner, establishing and consolidating the actions related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Projects and actions already consolidated in our organizational culture

Grant Thornton has been acting consistently for many years in actions and projects related to inclusion and diversity, entrepreneurship and volunteering. Check out some of these initiatives below:

UN Principles - Adherence and commitment

Grant Thornton Brazil is a signatory of the Global Compact – a call for companies to align their strategies, operations and actions with 10 universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption. This initiative reinforces our commitment to ethics, care for people and sustainable development.

Commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Grant Thornton Brazil is actively working towards the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its strategy and operation.

The 17 SDGs is a comprehensive cooperative action for sustainable development, adopted by 193 United Nations Member States since September 2015. Lists 169 goals from 5 pillars – People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership and Planet, encouraging global goals to be the basis for local development.

Grant Thornton Brasil's Action Plan for the SDGs contemplates objectives in direct or indirect synergy with our power of action. Today, we are committed to 11 goals, which are internally broken down into 40 goals and 154 ongoing actions.

Global Impact Review

How do we impact society, the environment and the economy? In addition, what are we doing to minimize negative effects and contribute to expanding our sustainability agenda globally?

In reviewing our global impact report, our teams inserted their findings into a model based on the strategic pillars of our global strategy and mapped them out to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This helped to establish the exact ways to influence the world around us.

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Humanist Capitalism

Grant Thornton Brazil, through our CEO, Daniel Maranhão, is one of the supporters of Law n°. 17,481 enacted on September 30, 2020 and published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality on October 1st, which institutes Humanist Capitalism as guiding principle of the economic order of the city of São Paulo. The law aims to ensure a dignified existence for all, in accordance with the precepts of social justice, and to build a free, fair and solidary society, minimizing poverty, marginalization and inequalities. The law establishes that the economic well-being index is oriented according to the methodology of the humanist capitalism index, called iCapH, developed by the Humanist Capitalism Institute, and considered of public utility and instrument of public policy guidance in the city of São Paulo.

“São Paulo took a spectacular measure of recognition, at the same time, of the free market and the dignity of its population. What happens in São Paulo impacts the whole of Brazil”.

Daniel Maranhão, CEO - Grant Thornton Brazil

Women in Business

Considered the main international study of middle-market companies, Grant Thornton's Women in Business survey for 15 years has analyzed statistics on the global scenario of companies' gender diversity and their actions taken to promote gender equity in leadership positions. The survey is currently applied in 32 countries. In its last edition (2020), it carried out 4,900 interviews with CEOs, executive directors, presidents and other senior decision makers from all sectors.

Blueprint for Action

The corporate culture needs to be diverse and inclusive, but the change will not happen alone. Therefore, Grant Thornton has prepared since 2019 a guide with practical recommendations for companies to take conscious measures that are both deliberate and truly practiced by companies. This action plan is part of a commitment by Grant Thornton to encourage an increase in the number of women in leadership positions in companies from all areas, sectors and regions of the world.

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Green Sampa

Created by the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Labor of São Paulo and executed by the São Paulo Development Agency - ADE SAMPA, in partnership with Grant Thornton Brazil, the initiative brings together companies, institutions, research centers, accelerators and organizations that work with technologies to seek innovative and green solutions that support the development of the city of São Paulo.

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Grant Thornton Brazil supports entrepreneurship projects aimed at fostering initiatives related to social and environmental impacts. Therefore, it encourages projects such as iImpact, created by Fundação Dom Cabral and Innovation Latam, to expose, connect and validate Latin American startups that are really generating a positive impact in their countries.

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CSR Day - Growing Together in the Community

The Growing Together in the Community campaign is a global action by Grant Thornton with local communities. There are more than 56 thousand employees in more than 140 countries engaged annually in voluntary practices to meet part of the needs of people in situations of social vulnerability. These achievements demonstrate the difference that each person can make in the world. Check out more at #GTinthecommunity and see how we are helping to transform the world we live in.

GT in the community

Pro Bono Actions

We join efforts to amplify our positive impacts

Pro bono to third sector entities

We provide pro bono services to local institutions that contribute positively to the social challenges of the communities in which we operate. In 2020, 2,613 hours were allocated to projects conducted by our specialists to help these entities to generate greater transparency, integrity and credibility to their activities carried out and disseminated.


Social Campaign

In order to increase the dissemination of third-sector institutions served by our pro bono services, we are joining forces to engage as many people in solidarity with the supported causes as possible. There are currently eight participating entities. Find out more about the performance and specific needs of each one of them and join us in this campaign. Every contribution makes a difference!

Pro bono projects that support micro and small companies in the face of economic impacts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

• Estímulo 2020

The Estímulo 2020 project is a private initiative - the first of its kind in Brazil - in which private entities and individuals offer assistance to entrepreneurs in difficulty, with the aim of offering working capital in the amount equivalent to up to one month of company turnover. Grant Thornton Brazil will provide pro-bono auditing services for the financial statements of the Credit Rights Investment Fund.

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• Pra>Frente

The Dom Cabral Foundation launched the Pra>Frente movement, which will train 1 million popular entrepreneurs in Brazil to drive economic development and social well-being. Grant Thornton Brazil will provide pro bono audit services for the movement's financial statements. Although launched in the context of the pandemic, Pra>Frente is focused on the future, so that progress can be made during, but above all, after the end of the context of social isolation.
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• Unindo Forças BH

The pandemic has accentuated social inequalities and, in light of this scenario, a coalition of different institutions, companies and social projects in Belo Horizonte was formed to raise financial resources to be reverted into food baskets with the aim of feeding people in the most vulnerable communities in Belo Horizonte and metropolitan region. Grant Thornton Brasil is supporting the initiative and providing pro bono services to the campaign.
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Institutional support and partnerships

We contribute with initiatives aligned with our purposes


• Walking Together

Walking Together is the first Brazilian platform for knowledge, business and networking concentrated in interior cities. The movement started in 2012 with the idea of ​​meeting and bringing together people who valued creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. There are currently more than 6,000 walkers spread across more than 70 cities and Grant Thornton Brazil is a sponsor of this initiative. We believe that the dissemination of knowledge and collaboration between people enhance business growth and the socioeconomic development of our country. In this partnership, we are going to bring about positive changes, adding experiences and shortening the distances between brands and cities in the interior.
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• BAX Catanduva

As part of our Sustainability agenda, we are supporting various actions in our communities and also getting involved in the world of sports. Grant Thornton Brazil sponsors BAX Catanduva, a highly representative team in a city renowned for its sports revelations, mainly in women's basketball.